Anabolic Steroids: The Physical Side Effects

Anabolic steroids are often used by bodybuilders to enhance their physique. The drugs work by enhancing the effects of testosterone on the body. They aid in muscle synthesis which allows people to bulk up quicker than usual. Those who are preparing for events or are simply impatient about getting bigger often try these to get faster results. These generally work as intended but with several unwanted side effects. These stem from the fact that steroids tamper with the hormone balance of the body. Men may exhibit traits that are commonly associated with women, and vice versa. Let’s look at a few examples:

Male Pattern Baldness

This type of hair loss is due to excessive testosterone which is exactly what anabolic steroids promote. The top of the head is where most of the shedding occurs. Hairline recedes gradually around this area until it reaches the back of the head. It can be worrying to suddenly have this condition. Those who are conscious of their hair may suffer from a loss of confidence. It can be difficult to get things back to the way it was before taking the supplements. Some people go through surgery to replace the lost hair with strands painstakingly getting grafted and allowed to grow back.

High Pitched Voice

There are also many cases wherein the vocal chords change. The anabolic steroids can induce men’s voice to be higher in pitch. This can cause awkwardness in social situations as the physique does not match the quality of the voice. Interestingly, the opposite happens in women who take steroids. Their voices get lower which may or may not be good depending on their appreciation of the change. Physically, they develop something that is akin to the Adam’s apple on their throats. The bulge will become bigger and more prominent. This is considered as one of the tell-tale signs of steroid use in women.

Larger Chest

Men will also grow a larger chest. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily lean muscle than every man would like to have. Instead, it is mostly fat and will sag due to its weight. They will resemble the breast in women. This is another result of the hormone imbalance that is inducing feminine traits in those who consume steroids on a regular basis. If this develops, people can stop intake to limit growth and do some workouts that would target the chest to improve its look.

Avoiding the Side Effects

The best way to avoid these side effects is to refrain from using steroids and similar substances. If a person chooses to move forward despite the risks, then he should at least follow instructions regarding dosage. Be conservative when it comes to intake and duration. Take the smaller pills for lower dosage and limit the bulking period to a few weeks. Never get the substance for an extended period as this is when the hormonal changes will kick in to high gear. Novices in particular should be careful as they are still unsure how their body will react to the substance.