Anabolic Steroids: Benefits, Side Effects And Alternatives

As you probably know, anabolic steroids act like testosterone in your body. The best way to describe steroids is that they serve as synthetic testosterone once present in your body. Your natural production of testosterone is shut down while you are taking steroids. However, you should know about the benefits, side effects and whether or not there are alternatives to these drugs. Read on to learn more.

When people take steroids, they will experience a number of benefits. These benefits include an increase in strength. Many people take roids because they help them gain a lot of strength in as little as a week, sometimes less than that.

Increase muscle mass is another benefit and another reason why bodybuilders, athletes and others take them. For example, if you were to take Dianabol, then you can easily gain a few pounds every single week. By the end of a cycle, you may be 15-20+ pounds heavier, and it will be muscle weight.

The ability to burn fat is another benefit, and so is increased bone density. Regardless of the benefits, there are many side effects associated with the drugs.

Side Effects
Unfortunately, people abuse steroids. This can lead to unwanted side effects, with some only being minor and others being very serious. Some effects of steroids include losing your hair, severe acne, oily skin and very oily hair. Excess body hair, excess facial hair and acne are other unwanted effects.

In short, the minor negative effects of steroids include:

. Acne
. Oily skin
. Oily hair
. Hair loss
. Excess body hair and facial hair

However, there are major side effects associated with roids. This includes kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease and severe mood swings. Thoughts of suicide, high blood pressure levels, testicle shrinkage and infertility are a few more serious side effects associated with steroids.

To sum up the above, a few of the serious side effects include:

. Liver & kidney disease
. Heart disease
. Severe mood swings
. Thoughts of suicide
. High blood pressure levels
. Testicle shrinkage

There Are Alternatives
There are legal steroids. They are legal supplements that mimic the effects of real steroids. If you take these supplements, then you will achieve results comparable to the results you’d get with real anabolic steroids. For example, if you take legal Dbol, then you will bulk up and gain incredible strength. If you take legal Anavar, then you will have an easier time getting shredded. If you take legal Human Growth Hormone, then you will experience strength gains, muscle gains, enhance energy and much more.

It doesn’t matter what legal steroid you choose, you can rest assure you will get results. Simply figure out what kind of results you want to achieve and then choose the legal anabolic alternative that will help you get those results.

A lot of people have considered taking anabolic steroids. You may be one of them, but you should steer clear of real roids. The risks outweigh the benefits, and the last thing you want is to suffer adverse health effects because you want to look better and be stronger. Shop around for legal roids and feel free to buy a stack if you want to get even quicker results.